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Satish Sharma Chief Editor & CEO International Wing I.C.A.S.

Satish Sharma is a traditional practitioner of Vedic Sciences. He commands authority on Astrology, Vastu (Ancient Indian Architecture). He has been working hard to restore Vedic Sciences to their original form through his teachings, Seminars, Multimedia Presentations, writings and researches. He is working as National Vice President of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, founded by Dr.B.V.Raman and is C.E.O of the International Wing of ICAS. He has at his credit opening of number of ICAS Chapters in various cities .He has received various awards in astrology like ‘Jyotish Kovid’ , ‘Jyotish Vachaspati’ and ‘Jyotish Bhanu’. He is also developing and promoting International interests of ICAS, in almost every continent of the Globe. He has recently developed a setup trying to bring out the online courses of Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharad with the help of few websites active in this field.
Apart from Chief editor of regular Jyotish Manthan, Hindi ( print )magazine, he has written a comprehensive book on Vastu in Hindi and English. Its third edition is available now. These days, he is involved in promotion of a complete Vedic Astrology website named Jyotish Manthan.com.
He is Astrology and Vastu expert on Astrolife.com and Shaditimes.com, famous websites. As a professional consultant he has a number of prestigious clients on his account. Mico Bosch, few starred hotels in Europe, restaurants in South East countries, famous Iskon temples all over the world (like Vrindavan, Australia, New Zealand) are few examples that consulted him and benefited by him.

Astroblessings International Pvt. Ltd. is aimed at development of Vedic knowledge in the modern context and by way of using the latest technology to bring it down up to the masses. When the Vedic knowledge was codified in the text form, this was restricted upto the noble classes, the execution of which was not permissible up to the every section of the masses, whatever was to be done by the competent hands. ABIPL is also a complete Astrological Media in country.
  • International Vastu Academy
  • Jyotish Manthan
  • Astroblessings.com
  • Satishsharma.com
CHENNAI NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT A formal registered biggest body of top notch astrologers of the country involved in imparting education, certification and examination of true Vedic astrology to the aspirants. Apex body is famous for its reach and centers across the country. Founded by Dr B V Raman and now Headed By Justice S N Kapoor . ICAS has a credit of Re-establishing and making people believe again in astrology in post independence India.
C.E.O, International Wing, ICAS
FOUNDER, PRINCIPAL TRAINER & DIRECTOR Pioneer institute imparting education in the fields of Vastu, astrology, ancient Vedic architecture and Occult Sciences. International Vastu academy provides a unique blending of Vastu , astrology , feng-shui and a capsule course in architecture along with extensive field training programme. International Vastu Academy is known for preparing wonderful Vastu professionals skilled in every relevant art.
A pioneer magazine for astrology having image of purest and honest publication and is far away from commercialization of publication, India’s leading magazine was launched in year-1999 with the mission of enlightening the masses with ancient Vedic sciences. Today with a glorious journey of more than 7 years , we look forward for many milestones to come .In these six years Jyotish Manthan witnessed hundreds of true predictions and research articles in national/international events, Team-Jyotish Manthan with a vigilant eye takes minutest care to bring the essence of Vedic astrology up to masses. Thousands of awaiting readers are motivating factor.
Astrolife.com is a famous astrology website of the shaadi.com people.
Principal Trainers personal Website. Satishsharma.com is also a complete service provider for Vastu and astrology services with tie-ups with shaaditimes.com, astrolife.com, ICAS, Icas.org.in and many other organizations.
Provides online consultancy in the fields of Astrology, Vastu, Vedic sciences, Gemstones, e-magazine, matrimonial guidance and online education. The website is also an E chapter of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences for the promotion of E learning courses
INDIAN ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, MANSAROVER, JAIPUR GENERAL SECRETARY. An institute involved in astrological research & promotion of astrology globally.
WWW.VASTUACADEMY.COM -“Imparting vedic education of astrology, vastu, fengshui & ancient Indian architecture. Offers regular, online & offline courses.
ASTROBLESSINGS.COM Complete Astrology portal Vedic Sciences
Jyotish Manthan Leading astrological Hindi monthly magazine was launched in June, 99, with the mission of enlightening the masses with ancient Vedic sciences. “A classical magazine for astrology having image of purest and honest publication and is far away from commercialization. India’s leading magazine was launched in year-1999 with the mission of enlightening the masses with ancient Vedic sciences. Today with a glorious journey of 8+years , we look forward for many milestones to come. In these years Jyotish Manthan witnessed hundreds of true predictions and research articles regarding national/international events, Team-Jyotish Manthan with a vigilant eye takes minutest care to bring the essence of Vedic astrology up to masses. Thousands of awaiting readers are motivating factor.
Jyotish Manthan”, a Hindi magazine in astrology is read widely across the country. With maximum number of readers and well-wishers , it is most influential and trusted in the country. Magazine is very closely associated with Indian heritage and culture and represent true Vedic India. It maintains integrity of a sincere magazine and always stress upon having an honest soul within it, which makes it best in the segment , and despite of the fact that today where other magazines rely on cheap , free and fake products as gifts, Jyotish Manthan has been winning hearts of the People.
Jyotish Manthan, with 100+ issues happens to be true representative of Astrology and allied sciences. Amongst readers it is recognized as purity of Publication. Main features of Magazines are ‘Research articles, tutorials, case studies, open discussions , guidelines ,and world class forecasts.’
In the contents, there are permanent columns regarding solutions of the typical problems of readers concerning Health, Wealth, marriage, children and Vastu etc. along with the tips, monthly forecast, business forecast, ephemeris, festivals (religion and social), important muhurtas and Yogas. It is the endeavor of Jyotish Manthan Team to present every coming issues in a novel way based on feedbacks ,research articles and demand of the masses.
It has also been the motto of Jyotish Manthan to present every material based on Vedic shashtras and practical experience. It has never tried to mesmerize the readers by giving cheap contents and gifts. Its main objective is to educate the people about the true principles of Astrology and not to horrify by presenting facts in threatening manner.
Vastu Vidya: With the aim of awakening towards vastu, renowned vastu consultant Satish Sharma pen down a book with the essence of Vedic knowledge in most simple language. A person’s attitude towards Indian Vedic science can be categorized as before reading “Vastu Vidya” and after reading Vastu Vidya. This book renders basic information about Vastu Shastra and gives a scientific approach to the subject. Hindi & English editions are available
‘Jaimini Sutram’ is a research work on ancient Jaimini Jyotish. This is a publication of ‘Jyotish Manthan’, the most popular Hindi monthly magazine in astrology. This book contains commentary on every critical sutra of Rishi Jaimini, which is not available elsewhere. Hindi edition is available
International Vastu Academy Pioneer Institution for Vastu Education- Operates through Headquarters , Franchisees, Web and correspondence mediums and soon will be online too.
Vastu is an ancient Indian science of Architecture which was created by our saints and rishis for the welfare of entire human beings. Its knowledge enables us to get benefits of mental peace, health, wealth and happiness. Unfortunately, there is no proper institution to impart this ancient knowledge. With a view to impart proper knowledge of astrology and vastu, International vastu academy was established on 10th April, 2004 in Jaipur under the stewardship of Justice S.N. Kapoor and International fame Vastu expert Mr Satish Sharma.
  1. To provide proper education in Astrology, Vastu and Architecture in a single compact course based on vedangas and Sthapatya Veda.
  2. To provide extensive field training.
  3. To conduct examinations after completion of theoretical and practical training.
  4. To provide global Vastu knowledge on internet.
We impart Vedic education in the field of astrology & Vastu. International Vastu Academy provides a unique blending of Astrology, Vastu, Feng-shui & Architecture in a single compact course run from Jaipur along with an extensive field training programme. During the training a candidate has to come across thousands of persons with their horoscopes & house constructions before the final examinations.
This program is likely to be on Internet within two-three months. Education of Vastu includes ancient & modern Indian Architecture as a science for erecting palaces and townships. The syllabus framework is from vedangas and Sthapatya Veda. International Vastu Academy in famous for preparing wonderful vastu professionals skilled in every relevant art.
Indian council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai
Nowadays, the importance of strengthening the moral and ethical values in the society is shortly felt and propagation of Vedic knowledge is the appropriate way to meet out this challenge. With this object in view, renowned Astrologer late Shri V.B. Raman established Indian Council of Astrological Sciences in November 1984.
  1. To promote and protect knowledge of Astrology, Astronomy, Astro-mathematics, Astrophysics, Palmistry and Allied disciplines in India and abroad.
  2. To impart education, tuition and training in the above subjects in more than 50 chapters and centers scattered all over India. Some new chapters are likely to be started soon in India and abroad.
  3. To promote scientific research in Jyotish and allied shashtras in English, Sanskrit, Hindi and a few regional languages.
  4. To conduct examinations, seminars and workshops.
  5. To coordinate such astrological associations, institutions and organizations, indulged in furtherance of the Vedic and Astrological knowledge.
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