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Remedial Astrology Article Posted On : 07-12-2012

Auspicious & Fruitful Things

One Eyed Coconut : (Ekakshi Nariyal)
Another name of one-eyed coconut is ‘Shriphala’ also. This Shriphala is easily available anywhere in India as it is the main worshipping item in Indian Culture. Indian’s honour it as a ‘Great Fruit’. Normally, two eyed and one mouth shaped coconuts are easily available but it is very difficult to get one-eyed coconut. A one-eyed coconut bears two black moles, one mouth and one-eye on its face.
Its very much auspicious and fruiful to keep it in house.
It is a tradition to keep a one-eyed coconut with the Ganpati installed at main gate of the house. The one-eyed coconut is to be considred as mother goddess laxmi that is why we worship this one eyed coconut having installed in our home temple.
We should chant Laxmi Mantra or Stotra having adorned with sandlwood, scent and lighting a candle (Deep). The worshipping of one-eyed conconut increases and improves our business profits and transactions, prosperity and removes poverty.

South Faced Conch (Dakshin Mukhi Shankha) :
South faceted conches are obtained from sea. These are whitish-yelloish-bluish coloured. It has several names as per its image or shape. The conch which opens south or right direction is called ‘South faced Conch’. It is bigger than oyster shell.
This kind of Dakshin Mukhi Shankha cannot be placed like other general conches. This it is to be kept in temple for worshipping only by fulfilling it with Ganga water alongwith Tulsi leaf, having worshipped with saffrom and Sandlewood powder.
It is assumed that whereever this kind of conch is worshipped, the Golddess Laxmi blesses with plentiful and prosperity and the financial as well as social position of the family is automatically improved and the holder will be successful in getting authority and implementation of plans and schemes.

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