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Spiritualism Article Posted On : 07-12-2012


Course Director, ICAS, Jaipur Chapter

Man takes birth in human race after crossing eighty four lac races on the ground of his stored `punyas’. Human race is acquired on the bases of moral laws of the divine command. All the adverse and happy moments of his life are the consequences running out of his undertakings of previous birth. If the part of `punyas’ of previous birth happens to be heavier along with the present mental grace the man acquires divine knowledge and adopts pious undertakings; consequently blessed with a long life with good fortune. He survives only with this good fortune and keeping the name of God within the depth of his heart leaves the world or to say gets `moksha’. And if the part of sins gets to be heavier with the present deficiency of mental grace he moves towards the wrong only and through his lifetime claiming God for adversity passes away. In the absence of `moksha’ his soul roams around peacelessly.
Among all the earthly creatures man is considered to be the wisest one. He discovers all the hidden treasures created by the `supreme healer’ and provides the obtained advantages to others also. This principal occupation has basically been adopted by our great sages and saints. According to them this is the omnipotence of the supreme mighty that can be felt instead of expressing. This fact has been explained is such manner by our great saints that a dumb person after tasting any sort of fruit can feel the different types of juices but can not express the tastes of juices in words. (According to Paniniya education-41) Astrology is the prime eye of `Sanatan ved’ as in Sanskrit T;ksfr"kke;u;{kq%. By the inspiration of this statement the logic and research were regularized on the words that Divine please can be accomplished only through yoga. Astrology has gone through many old and new `Granthas’. In a very short span some facts were compiled in such form that I consider it only Divine condonation. Great Tulsidas has written in `Manas’:
Tkksx & yxu xzg okj frfFk] ldy Hk;s vuqdwyA
Pkj & v: vpj g"kZ & ;qr] jke tue lq[kewyAA

According to this part of speech (shlok) the effect of astrology is prior to every field. Hence, I would wish to present that in what circumstances of astrology the divine massage is conveyed. A horoscope consists of twelve houses. Each house represents the karak of man’s life. These karak are the houses. Each house represents the karak of man’s life. These karak are the production of heavenly bodies i.e. `Grahas’. According to the specific positions of the lord of house and Karak forwarded by Grahas the results are declared. Thus, `Divine Please’ `Act of God’ and `Power of god’ etc. are placed in ninth house and Jupiter is considered to be the karak of his house. According to it’s position divine fortune is obtained.
`Divine Please’ and `Lord of house’ :
1. If the 10th house of horoscope is governed by Mercury and it has the sight of all divine or heavenly planets the divine message is conveyed.
2. The divine message is gained when 9th house is governed by high authority and has the sight of all divine planets such as Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.
3. When 9th lord is completely powerful and has the divine sight of Jupiter.
4. `Lagna’ or `Lagnesh’ gets the divine sight of 9th lord.
5. Jupiter is accompanied by 9th lord and powerful in `Shadvarga’ or `Lagnesh’ has complete sight of Jupiter.
6. If the 9th lord is a part of `Leo’ and the complete sight of Lagnesh and Dasmesh (10th lord) is at them.
7. When the 10th lord is at center (1-4-10) and 9th lord is in fourth house such subject (Jatak) gets happiness and fame in every sphere of the world.
All these aspects are based on solid grounds. While studying them it is needed to take care of even minute points also such as their `Navansh-Saptansh’ Anshatmak, sthiti (position) etc. While studying anyone’s horoscope his social status, religion, occupation and earnings should be considered because there are many forms of `divinity’. Divine Please is also depended on the needs and wills of the man. Hence, every aspect should be considered well before the pronouncement of prediction. Every subject has two forms general and principia and visible and invisible such as Sun is not a planet moreover not a moving planet while it is static and Earth is a planet and just because we are the living beings of the earth, sun is visible for us. Now we study the positions of planets placing `Sun’ at place of `Earth’, altogether time and Yog are converted unfavorable period is declared through planets of Dashachakra.
Meaning of such saying is only that we should study about a subject considering everything so that a proper conclusion can be drown. Everyone has different circumstances to feel the divine please. A hungry man gets the food at any time, considers it divine condonation, person prays to have a s-on gets the son by the grace of divine please. Thus, it is definite that nothing can be obtained without divine please. Our great sages and saints have repeated this fact again and again.

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